Here are two sketches for you.  If you try them and like them – you may wish to look at the Communicate books – giving you sketches for evangelism, Easter, Christmas.

River Clap


Watch video: Loaded Lines for Preaching Points

Watch video: Team Two

Watch video: How to gain confidence

If you like psalms, poetry and meditative writing, then here are eight poems for you.

The Water Stirred

If you like the way that parables work, then I have two short stories for you.

If you like these, you would like Voice Tales.

Still Fruitful

Shower Gel story

Want more? Check out The Seed Sower in the Bible Study Category.

All free resources can be used in churches, in house-groups/contact groups, on websites – for any occasion where the purpose is ministry. If you print at all ( on websites, in programmes) then please add an acknowledgement (By Pat Moore

Thank you


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