The Birth of New Things

I have a little hobby of taking photographs then adding lines.

This line came to me for this photograph. At the time it made no sense. After all, every sunset leads to a sunrise. Dawn happens on a daily basis. The line sounded profound, deep and perhaps a little crazy…..

Yet we are now living in crazy days!

The virus has led to too many endings

  • of lives
  • of livelihoods
  • of freedoms

endings that have shocked and shattered us. There has truly been an ending in the world – the end of life as we knew it.

Yet we also have a new dawn. We have to live through new circumstances. We have to find new ways. We are birthing new ideas, new routes, new ways of living.

Like never before, there is an ending, a birth and a dawn.

We need to gasp, breathe, seek and perceive.

Isaiah 43:19 speaks of new things.

What is the new direction for you?

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