Spirit Rain

First drops splat

You felt that

More will come

Time to run

Run – for it is surely coming

Splat! Splat on the window screen

Clears the muck – the spot is seen

Cleansing where the dirt has been

And rain is surely coming

Splat! Splat! Splat!

The sound is heard

A tapping on my life – a Word

The heavy, weighted sky inferred

The rain was surely coming

Dripping wet – a soaking now

A soaking through, a drenching. How

the glory weighs! I kneel, I bow –

Yet rain is surely coming!

Heavens open. Down it pours

Floods the streets, knocks on doors

From the cities to the shores

And still the rain is coming!

Holy, cleansing, blessed flood!

Wade in deep for it is good

Healed, delivered, understood

Holy Spirit pouring.

Who would wish for shelter now

As we weep, we sigh, we bow?

God is here. He thunders. How

a deluge here is pouring!

Miracles and grace released

Inner healing, inner peace

From the One who never sleeps

Still the rain keeps falling

Spirit rain is falling

Spirit rain is falling

Hear His Kingdom calling

Hear His Kingdom calling

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