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We pray – God moves

We praise – God moves

This is true for children

This is true for infants

Raise your voice

  • and battles are won
  • enemies are silenced
  • bitterness is broken
  • vengeance is shattered

by the voice of praise;

Praise of a child

(by Pat Moore based on psalm 8)

Free Resource

Use these pages as a stimulus for your class/youth group to improvise drama on these Bible stories.

Individual groups could choose one arrow to concentrate on and you can link the group-work together to bring out your chosen theme.

Joseph map

Jonah map

Job map

Esther map

Ecclesiastes map

David map

Psalm 139 map

Here is a short work-scheme for four sessions based on David. It was delivered in a summer holiday club.

David session

Here is a script based on the Parable of the Sower, worked on at a holiday club for young children.

The Farmer went to Sow



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