Grow the Idea

I tossed an idea

I clearly rejected

Abandoned another

Discarded, neglected

No act of pursuing

No fanning the flame

All thinking – no doing

No pain and no gain

Frustrating though really

I thought it was good

But now it’s all theory

I strangled the bud


I am reminded of a day that began with me bringing home a beautiful bunch of lilies. It is rare that I buy flowers so it was a special moment. Alas, this was short lived. I was told that this was bad news for cats – and we had two.

To cut a long story short, I ended up putting the bouquet in the bin, (Are you shocked?)

What did I feel? Grief – that they were cut off in their prime

  • their best beauty days lost
  • their on display days lost
  • their never to come again days lost
  • their biggest moment wasted

I have also watched people screw up paper and toss it in the bin

  • that fledgling song tossed
  • those first words torn up
  • that idea abandoned

There certainly is a time to get rid of words – but it is in the refining and redrafting – not at their birth.

Don’t strangle the bud!

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