Relaxing music at a wedding

Your use of little stories was much more than stories! They felt like prophetic parables!

“Accurate assessment and clear evidencing” Arts Award moderator

Summer workshops

Julie Turner (Goldthorpe Pentecostal Church Leadership Team, Teacher and organiser of Dearne Arts Festival)

Done in Barnsley, Penistone, Wath, Hemsworth, South Elmsall

Free to Choose has completed its three week run

Many people have come to the Lord during this time

and we have seen many prayers answered through this musical.

Church Bulletin.

(This comment is many years old. Does that mean it doesn’t count? I think not. As a popular song suggests, I think this happened and God could “do it again.” Pat)

This teacher has a presence in the classroom. She uses her voice as an actor would, constantly modulating volume, pace, pitch and tone to express what she says with best impact.  The learners attend to her whenever she speaks. Overall, this lesson and the evidence that it is part of a similar stream of teaching, was very impressive and gave me great confidence in the teacher’s ability to deliver excellence.

S Wood (Principal)

Valley of the Shadow by Pat Moore is a moving exploration of love and loss where those left behind suffer more than the ones they mourn.

Burning Chair Publishing

    Just read the story…very poignant and beautifully written, and, as with all short stories, leaving you    wanting to know more about the characters.

Julie Turner

“14 Awesome short story thrillers inside from some amazing authors”

“Fourteen of some of our finest thriller mystery authors are grouped together in a series of excellent short stories.”

“All of these writers are strong.”

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Dr Mark Pulman, Senior Lecturer in Popular Music