Song-writing Class in Heaven

“I’ve got a new song!” Angelo cried enthusiastically, waving his scribed lyrics in the air.

“Do share!” Angelicus smiled, encouraging the beginner. Nods of approval and smiles all round. All the angels loved singing. All the angels loved songs. The choir was always open to new lyrics.

“OK.” Angelo coughed, clearing his voice, took a large breath – and began. “Holy Holy Holy…”

“I like it!” piped up a Cherub.

“Mmm. It’s certainly got something…” mused Angelicus. “Let’s see the lyrics.”

A group appeared by his shoulder – to see the scribed masterpiece.

“I like Holy” commented one.

“It’s a bit repetitive,” said another.

“It’s easy to remember,” remarked a third.

“It is so true!” cried a fourth. “I really feel the lyrics!”

“They are the only lyrics!” responded Angelicus. At this the angels fell silent. “Well – haven’t you anything else to say?”

Angelo coughed again nervously. “I thought that about summed it up,” he muttered.


Then, quietly at first, a solo voice began.

“Holy…..holy…..holy….” The melody was gentle, tender, a whisper of worship in a hushed hall.

“Holy….holy…” Harmonies on the wind of a breath. Caprivating.

“Holy…Holy….Holy!” The choir took up the refrain and worship swelled.

“Ho – ooooo – ly!” improvised Angelicus, caught up in the moment. Worship always swept him away. Embarrassed by losing the plot so easily, he pulled himself back into the lesson. “It needs a chorus,” he exclaimed. “Does anyone have a suggestion?”

The choir of angels looked at each-other, then, in one accord, stood and raised their voices. They sang with their whole being.

“Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!”

They sat – and the silence was think with the waves of worship.

Angelo waited for a response from the teacher.


Angelicus, with an invisible effort, seemed to wrench away from the atmosphere enveloping the choir immersed in a heavy glory.. He took a breath – as if to recover.

“Yes. That works. No more lyrics? We’ll stick with Holy then.”

(The whole choir would have uttered approval – if they too could have ‘recovered.’)

Angelicus took the lyrics and opened the filing cabinet. Out of A to Z only one file was in use and overflowing – every song the angels had ever written….


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