More Faith – Less Logic!

Don’t you find that some days you walk around oblivious then get smacked in the face with History?

  • Like visiting Hillsborough Stadium on the very day you can actually stand on the pitch!
  • Like visiting closed Bretton Hall on the very day you can actually go inside!
  • Like turning up to a meeting and finding it is being held in Queen Anne’s bedroom! (Sadly, she died before visiting – but I can safely say she would have had a great view!)

Why is it so impossible to believe that it could happen for you – that you could find yourself in the right place at the right time?

  • Like a game of Peekaboo where the oblivious baby suddenly gleams with wide-eyed delight when what was hidden is suddenly revealed!

Just when you think you are in the wrong place – the impossible connection appears!

More Faith – less Logic!

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