Stories reach the heart


Jesus used parables – stories. In Matthew 13 he had spoken to a large crowd.  The crowd had gathered round him.  We can presume they wanted to see Jesus and were at least curious as to who he was and what he could do.  You might say they were ‘just looking.’

He told them many things – but all in parables! This was a definite choice. The people have to choose what to do with the parables.  Do they pick up a story and think about it or not? The thought work is theirs. They must work on the explanation.  Even the disciples asked, “Why do you speak in stories?”

I think that when they are given the story alone, people must want to see. If they want to see then they will ask questions.  They will ponder.  They will engage their mind in finding the answer.

It is like receiving a present.  The gift-wrapped box may be intended for me, but unless I claim it, open it and use the contents, the present has no chance of fulfilling its potential.  I have to be curious enough to look and interested enough to use.

I think the stories encourage seekers.  If seekers ask you questions they will listen to your answers.  They have reached that stage of wanting to know.

God says, “If you seek me, you will find me.”

We live in a world of worries, yet God says, “Do not worry.”  Countless things wrestle for our attention yet God says, “Seek me.” Will you turn off the voices of the world, stop and seek?


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