Building together with unity, commitment and co-operation

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Having been on a short mime course and wanting to put into practice some techniques I had learned, I decided to write a mime based on Nehemiah  – which has now become the finale of Rubble & the Rock.

(By the way, take yourself seriously and invest in your development!)

I found myself fascinated by chapter three. It was basically a list of names! I could imagine many people just skipping the whole chapter with a summary like, “a lot of people built the wall,” but I was captivated. I kept seeing the recurring phrase “next to them.”

This was a picture of solidarity and unity; people standing together, moving together on what they believed – working together to get the job done.

Q         Where did they work?

A         In the neighbourhood – even outside their own homes.

Q         Who were the workers?

A         Not professional builders! Daughters, a goldsmith, a perfume maker……

Ordinary people, choosing to work on a job that didn’t come naturally to them, for a purpose.

Now that was a tale worth telling!



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