Rooted in the Church

Get roots!  Roots grow deep.  Roots are difficult to pull up. In the parable of the sower, the seeds on good soil grow.  It would be an odd action indeed – to dig up these seeds and try patch after patch! If you are serious, get roots.  They feed you.  They strengthen you.

Did you hear the word and receive it? It is not enough.

Don’t be a short-timer.  Get roots as fast as you can.  You need to be in a church.  You need to choose to be involved with a group of God’s people.  You need to be prepared to let people into your life and live in community.  It will not be a perfect set of people. Even the most wonderful place will show up weaknesses in time – but get roots!

Do not be uprooted.

Do not be so hasty to leave.  Offended? Misunderstood? Feeling uncomfortable? Pray. Pray. Pray.

Are you shopping around, moving from church to church to find the right place? Ask for direction.  You are in danger of falling away every week you visit without commitment.  Roots are important for growth.  They recognise your food source.  You have to be planted somewhere.

Get roots.

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