Watch. Anticipate. Can you feel it growing?

In the parable of the yeast, a woman is baking bread. (Matthew 13) It is an ordinary event. The illustration is over in a moment. It is up to us to interpret this picture.

Bread-making can be frustrating. Even though you anticipate the outcome there is a waiting period.  You must wait for the yeast to work.  You must wait for the dough to rise.  Cooking too soon would not hasten a good result.

Imagine making bread for the first time.

This thing is alive!

I thought I had assembled the ingredients but now what was happening? What I had put into the bowl was unrecognisable from this expanded bubbling mass. It was breathing.  It was alive.! Even this would not be the final picture.  There was still one ingredient missing.

Just add heat!

The bubbling mass would change again into its final true state – bread for the hungry.  Now I became aware of another change – the aroma! Fresh bread smells permeated the whole house.  Even in the attic my thoughts were drawn bread-ward! Oh, the anticipation of opening the oven door!

“It has risen!”

Here was a combining at work.  The ingredients were all clear and unique.  Flour was flour and yeast was yeast! It was a combined effort that made the bread.

What does this speak of to you?

  • Is it teamwork: different people, different gifts blending together to make something new?
  • Is it the Holy Spirit? When you have all your ingredients you still need the Spirit’s breath through them or all you have is a dead idea.
  • Is it kingdom expansion? You cannot control the kingdom but you are invited to watch, join in and be part of what is happening.

What do you see growing?

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