The Smallest Seed

Let us look at the parable of the mustard seed. Matthew 13. The seed is tiny but grows to be the biggest tree.  The kingdom which is never ending will grow on a huge scale.  People won’t be able to avoid seeing it – yet the mustard seed is different. Tiny!

We can make a huge mistake and overlook the potential of a tiny seed.  We can imagine it to be insignificant.  Of course, we would be wrong!

If we look closely however, the parable can be personalised. A man took the seed and chose to plant it. He held this seed.  He did not ignore it.  He did not throw it away.  He did not keep it in a drawer.  He may have held it and thought, “I wonder what it will look like.” The sure thing is – he planted it! He had an attitude of “This seed has come to me and I’m going to find out what it can do.”

The smallest of all seeds!

I wonder how many of us have held small seeds; a flash of an idea, a picture, a vision.  Perhaps we visualise the tree! We see a large vision in action and think, “Where do I begin?” Perhaps we hold the seed of the idea and think, “It could never happen.”

The growing tree came from the smallest of seeds being planted.  The man did step one!

  • He did not supply the sun and rain.
  • He did not turn the seasons.
  • He did not create the design.

He did not choose the colour – but he did plant the seed!

I am sure that for a long period of time after that, he stood back and watched it grow; the small shoot, the sturdy stem, the first leaf, the strengthening, the tree.

What about that idea in your hand? If this seed is from the kingdom of heaven, it is not up to you to make it grow. Seeds of ideas need praying over.  They may be stage one of a large vision.  It is fine to say, “I don’t know where this is going, but I have an idea>”

How sad it would be to lose the potential of a burning vision which was never planted.

Do you have an idea? Have you asked, “Is this a seed for the kingdom?” Do you have a nagging vision?

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