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Spirit Rain

First drops splat You felt that More will come Time to run Run – for it is surely coming Splat! Splat on the window screen Clears the muck – the spot is seen Cleansing where the dirt has been And rain is surely coming Splat! Splat! Splat! The sound is heard A tapping on my Read More …


Battered and bleak With no ending in sight Hopelessness, helplessness Sleepless at night Distortion, distraction All fear and all flight Or is my perception Withholding the light?

Grow the Idea

I tossed an idea I clearly rejected Abandoned another Discarded, neglected No act of pursuing No fanning the flame All thinking – no doing No pain and no gain Frustrating though really I thought it was good But now it’s all theory I strangled the bud   I am reminded of a day that began Read More …