A pigeon in a puddle – just soaking!

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It was raining buckets!

I drove to a near empty car park and there it was – a bird in a puddle – just sitting in the wet, in the pouring rain. It moved  aside a little as my threatening vehicle passed but promptly returned to its puddle when I was at a safe distance.

There was no need to be in the puddle.  The car park was not flooded. It was also surrounded by trees. It was chucking it down with rain but this bird was not seeking shelter, content to sit in the wet and take the shower. I can only conclude that it liked being absolutely soaked! It found the wettest place possible and stayed there.

The bird could fly! It had capability to go places but was content to sit and soak

There must be a time to fly – and a time for soaking. How do you know which time you are in now?

I think the bird would answer…

“Discern the season. Read the signs.  Is it raining?”

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