I love the freedom to write!

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If Bach were alive today, what would his song-writing critique be?

  • Your pieces are too long and too complicated.
  • Make it easier for musicians to cope with.
  • Where is your chorus?
  • It’s not congregational.
  • You have a good tune but it’s rather cluttered.

I’ll shut up – before the classical musicians disown me!

My point is this – that choruses and congregational songs should not be our sole focus or our greatest goal. Clearly, the music industry has a focus on congregational songs – but this is a website!  The Internet makes it possible for your music to be heard whatever the genre!

  • Are you striving to write choruses when actually you hear a classical piece?
  • Are you avoiding writing the Christian song and straining to write the Christian chorus?
  • Are you searching for words when actually you hear a meditative melody?

I am not trying to rebel.  I am trying to release!

The Bible encourages us to bring psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  It does not dictate that it should be in the form of three verses, a catchy chorus and a bridge. Don’t stifle your own creativity by putting on a style that is not a comfortable fit. David turned down Saul’s armour.  I have no doubt that it was excellent quality – but it just did not ‘fit!’

You probably still want to write the congregational songs – right? Just don’t stifle creativity if you find another style is stirring within.

Write the River.


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