How do you do Co-writing?

I’m stuck!

It is very rare that I am with someone and we decide to write a song from scratch.  Far more often I see an “I’m stuck” scenario.

  • Perhaps there is a melody but few words.
  • Perhaps there are words but gaps.
  • Perhaps the idea and direction is known but words need more focus.
  • Perhaps someone just wants listening ears and to know what parts to change.
  • Perhaps someone has many lines but needs to know what the strongest words are.

Personally, I like to write something as clearly as I can myself – and if I feel something is not working then I am looking for help to fix it.

We are all different. I think the best advice for co-writing is…

Plan to meet!

If you simply meet with the intention of bringing an idea with you, then you will spur each-other on. You will discover how people work and what their particular strengths are. You will soon feel whether this is a working partnership – or a good support.

Is your writing stuck – or not even happening?  Plan to meet!



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