Get up and make buns!


“I was at work when he came – just doing my job!”

Levi.  Tax Collector.

What was Levi up to?  Officially, his job was bound to be unpopular. He must have lined himself up to be  hated, complained at and perhaps viewed with suspicion. Certainly, he seems to have confessed to some dodgy dealings. He knew whether his wage was a fair day’s pay or unusually high!

Whatever advantages he was taking, he gave them all up in an instant. Everything that had mattered – suddenly did not! He…

  • got up
  • left everything
  • followed

In short, he made a decision to change. (Luke 5:28)

Meanwhile, the disciples were getting complaints.  Clearly the Pharisees were concerned about image and scandal by association.

Levi had changed – and his response was to throw a party.  Who would come to this person’s house?

More tax collectors!

This one changed man began to lay the grounds for evangelism to people he could relate to – people who were on the same page.  What did he do?

  • Change
  • Invite folk round
  • Fed them

This was food with a purpose – to meet Jesus.

Just imagine…

“I don’t have a ministry,” you cry.  “I only make buns!”

What if those buns were coupled with inviting someone to speak? What if those buns encouraged people to come to a Christian Book Club? Who do you know that is listening? They may not wish to come to church – but you sense they want to know.

Time for coffee and buns!





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