Green Water


What turned the water green?

Have you been watching swimmers dive into green water recently?

Why was the water green? I have no idea – but everybody knows the water was supposed to be blue. Thousands of people saw the crystal blue water shimmering invitingly on day one. They know what was – and therefore they know what was lost.

Mind you, the green water looked strangely beautiful and artistic too. It wasn’t harmful. It didn’t prevent the diving. People adapted to the new situation quickly.

We have a choice, to live with the green water (pretty, different and not harmful) or strive to find that secret ingredient that slid in, remove it and restore the pure blue.

I have seen God speak through Drama.

A theatrical performance can carry a prophetic voice.  Messages can be clear and lives can be touched through performance. The presence of God can be felt at a theatrical production but

  • many are not looking for this
  • many are not removing ingredients
  • many are not searching for the pure blue water

The Bible has parables that are acted out.

Hosea 12:10


I love the also. God speaks in many ways. I would just like you to add one more way to your list

Also stories acted out.


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