Up for the challenge!

Against all odds
Against all odds

How fast does a snail go?


My champion snail has made slow progress, carrying his backpack everywhere yet he decided to go where no snail had gone before  and climb the wall. Not phased by the supremely vertical challenge, he inched up and up till he was scaling the windows with a backdrop of sky!

In snail terms he really reached the heights!

How far does a snail see?

Did it know it was on a seemingly impossible climb? Sometimes I hear people say, “If I’d have known it would take this long I would never have started!”

The snail may have had a slow pace, but the successful climb was due to moving in only one direction.

If you believe you are on the right path, don’t look around and don’t take a detour.  If progress seems slow to you – at least it is in the right direction.

The snail was probably tired after a long, hard slog.

I think his progress was amazing!


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