I branched out into a new land of fruit recently. I have discovered – blueberries in porridge!

This is a new experience. As a child I don’t ever remember seeing blueberries in the shops and was brought up with apples, bananas and pears – so the blueberry was new territory to me.

Still – it was a tasty addition to my breakfast and I understood it came with benefits. However, I did not have full knowledge of blueberries! I was buying packets the size of sultanas.

Imagine my amazement on day when I changed shops and discovered blueberries the size of cherries! Now that’s a mouthful of fruit! It moves my porridge to a whole new level.

I took a photograph just to compare sizes – but the moment I did I was reminded of The Promised Land and the fruit pickers.

Deut 1:25

People went out to the land to take a look. It was a good view; a good land with great fruit … yet even as they were carrying potential, the song they were ready to sing was “We Got Trouble!” This was not a good choice of song and set their eyes on the wrong things.

The trouble with dreamers is they can be accused of not living in reality. There really were problems to be overcome here – but surely the better song to sing would have been “My eyes are opened. I’m seeing fruit!”

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