A Clear View

The Season Changes

I went badger-watching once – sat quietly on a hill with others who were mesmerized with the view. Sadly, I was not mesmerized. I was not seeing what they were seeing!

Seated in the right place at the right time – and still not seeing! Oh I was concentrating and anticipating – but no badgers. You had to look in the right place! Others were quite amused that I saw nothing while they saw everything.

I went to a beautiful bungalow in Wales. The scenery was stunning and at dusk there would be bats flying. Right place, right time but I still needed to look in the right direction. The first year you could sit on the bench outside the front of the house and wait. Last visit you had to stand at the side of the building facing the back and wait – same location, different outcome. Something had moved.

I wonder if we recognise when something has moved. Do we discern the time, discern the season?

You may be in the right place at the right time – but are you looking in the right direction?

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