Your Moment

Giving you attention

I’m not a morning person – but on holiday, with nothing to get up for, I was up with the sun!

Wales. Sheep on hills.

At the entrance to the camp site was a field of sheep. Sheep – all spread out, more likely to show a sheep’s bottom than a face – so used to the presence of people and so prepared to snub them, insistent that they were not a tourist attraction.

Early morning, I walked through the gate to find a flock of sheep all gathered together in one spot, all standing completely still and all staring straight at me!


I had the perfect attentive audience – watching and waiting to hear what I had to say.

It was my moment – and I was not ready!

You see, I had never seen an attentive crowd of sheep before. It was not in my experience. Nor was I prone to getting up at that hour! This was not my normal day….

But seriously, if the audience was ready and waiting, attentive and eager with all eyes fixed on you – what would you say?

Don’t miss the moment!

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