Uncover the Trembling Seat now

I was happily shopping in Meadowhall – upstairs, downstairs… happy, until I discovered that I was stuck! Cars were going nowhere! I could not leave.

Not a shopping experience now – just a long wait, another check on car progress (none) and more waiting.

That’s when I found the Trembling Seat.

Trembling seat

The Trembling Seat

When I was all coffeed out I sat on the top deck, weary and still, while the world bustled by.

You don’t notice it – the tremble – while going about your business.  When you sit in that seat on the top deck you can’t miss it! It vibrates through your body as if the whole floor is shaking.

How could I have been unaware for hours? It only took a moment of sitting to feel it.

A moment of stillness, and I became aware of the background.

The sitting was pretty much forced upon me.  All I could do was choose my seat but I could feel what I had not felt before. I could see what I had not seen before.  The hand holding my book was trembling.

My life was halted. I could not do ‘business as usual’ today but in the stop I saw a different angle.

What could you see if you could just………

Be still


Psalm 46:10  Psalm 37:7

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