Walking backwards

The invisible squid!

Apparently, people love to watch cats being stupid! Me too! Recently I saw the cat catching a squid clip, where the squid simply puts its tentacles over the cat’s face – and the cat walks backwards. Very funny.

Days later, when someone spoke of depression, I saw that cat again. Those tentacles were all over its face. It would not be able to see properly. It would not be able to breathe properly. It was walking backwards in the hope of losing the squid – but equally – it was utterly incapable of walking forwards!

Now imagine more TV. The Invisible Man (you can only see him if he is covered in bandages) or a cloaked Klingon ship (more dangerous than an uncloaked one since it intends to attack.) Imagine The Invisible Squid. You cannot see it – yet the cat feels its presence and its whole being is affected by the invisible burden. It is unable to move forwards. That’s a picture of Depression.

It’s just a headache!

In my Rubble and the Rock play one character has the line, “It’s just a headache.” The response of a friend is, “but it never goes away.”

I see something of a plague of Depression. People walking, living, functioning always carrying this suffocating burden that makes it difficult to make progress. Invisible. We do not clearly see what is wrong and since they are ‘functioning’ we assume it is no big deal – but NO! That squid has to go!

Jesus did two amazing things for Lazarus. One was a small matter of raising the dead! The other was simple words. “Loose him – and let him go.”

Alive but bound was not enough.

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