How to be productive

Designer doors

I had a dream…….

(Of course, in Dreamland everything can be a bit surreal.)

A friend took me to the home of a top designer of trainers. The place was rather secluded and the front door was really not easy to find. This was not a door that many people walked through. Once the door was open there was simply a staircase. How did this famous designer live? To find out, you had to climb – or was it “This is how to climb?”

Well we climbed!

At the top was a door to the room.  This was it! We would see how the top designer (rolling in money) actually lived.  This was the apartment.  What riches were here?

In we went, and in the large room with wooden floorboards was one large wooden slab, and in the middle – one amazing slipper – the current creation! The slogan for that slipper was hung above.

This whole apartment was about focus. Thoughts were drawn to the crafting of the slipper – and they were drawn there immediately and calmly – because all distraction had been stripped away.

How can you help yourself to focus? Prepare the place and remove distraction.

This was a top designer, showing total commitment and dedication to that which he considered important.


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