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Mincing words!

Some years ago I had a picture of a mincer – where meat goes into a revolving contraption and strings of meat comes out.

In my picture the meat was words. Words were going into the mincer and coming out re-written.  The words turned into people; lives being re-written, re-directed after going into the mincer.

Words are very important. Words affect lives.

Words were going into the mincer – stuff that was familiar – stuff that was already done; old wine!  The words were re-jiggled and coming out in a different order.

When God speaks, things happen! (Gen 1) The word spoken is the start of things happening.

The words changed to people – people going in the mincer.  A transformation took place. Individuals were changed.  People were being made into a team – the effect that the words were having.

Channelling words; channelling people!

Words are powerful.  They have an effect.  Be a Word Crafter.  Words affect lives.  Take your writing seriously!

That was a thought for me personally, and now I have shared it with you, but I want to go further. These thoughts and ponderings came from a picture.  All I had at the start was a picture – not a lecture – not a speaker.  It was up to me to ponder the picture.

Do you get this?  Are you someone who thinks in pictures?

The Bible is full of pictures: the potter and the clay, the mustard seed…. You could easily explore the pictures that are described.  Pictures speak. I had some pretty profound thoughts from a mincer!

The idea behind thInkBlotis a blog of pictures.  Do you have a picture in mind that has carried a message for you?  Could you give us a sketch of a picture in the Bible, with the reference? Would you like to submit a picture and even offer a comment on what it means to you?

Anyone can have a picture.  They may not be artists.  Consequently, thInkBlot is not about skilled artwork.  Just give us the outline – the doodle!

Let’s ponder a pic!





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