Sleeping Artists – Awake!

Some years ago I was getting my thoughts together on creativity and had a look at Isaiah 42:6-9.

“What does that have to do with being creative?” you ask.

I have to ask, why did Jesus choose to tell stories? What are the effects of stories on the listener?

I think stories cause people to think, see another point of view, feel emotions and by able to empathise with someone else. They educate or pose the question, “what do you think?”

The reply from Jesus was along the lines of, “You know about the kingdom – so you can see it, but others don’t know about the kingdom – and are blind. Those people need stories!”

Think of a dramatic performance then, working on giving some insight to the blind.

Add to this the fact that when people have done a performance, if the crowd like it they usually say so. An actor could get quite used to praise, and there are plenty of people prepared to point out an attitude problem. (Actually, I think the more common problem is sensitivity)

Anyway, as an aid to study, I started writing out the passage in my own way. It was just personal and a way of pondering the passage. (I recommend trying this.) Now consider the passage in the light of being a story-teller…

New things I declare. Before they spring into being I announce it to you

I have called you. I will take hold of your hand. I will look after you and you will be a light for the unbelievers. You will open the eyes of the spiritually blind – to see their God .

They will become aware. They will see – and those whose lives are in darkness will respond to the light. Those held prisoner of their attitudes and situations will be freed. They will find the way to freedom and release from those burdens, those dark thoughts.

I will use you to show my light


I will not give my glory to another – or my praise to idols.

I am the LORD. This is what God, the LORD says

Now – look for new things

Before they spring into being

I announce them

To you!

I thought I would write about using writing in your quiet times – that was this morning!

When I saw the writing on this passage, I was struck again by it – as I had been the first time round ….. but that was years ago. I just came across it today.

Yes, I was thinking about the website under construction, and was going to write about writing…..till about 4.30 ……. when I just came across a video on Youtube.

The date on the video says 2009, but for me, the date may as well say today.

Sleeping artists – awake! Enjoy the video!


International Creative Arts Worship Conference


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