Theatre of Promise presents…

The Church Drama Group presents…. Need a better title?

While I was studying Drama I came across the phrase Theatre of Cruelty. Imagine that as a branding!  You can guess the kind of content or the effect upon an audience just by considering the phrase.

Wouldn’t it be good to have a whole new phrase to capture Christian Drama? What if we could use it almost as a logo – so that potential audiences see the words and understand that this drama will be uplifting, life-changing, healing, memorable, food for thought, a great night out, a family night out; as relevant to a Christian audience as it is to secular, not only used for evangelism – and yet, powerfully used for evangelism.

Creative worship
Sermon support
Communicating the Bible
Teaching the cast; I do – I remember!
Building relationships
Raising questions
Worshipful atmosphere
A positive thing to be involved in
A positive impact

The Theatre of Promise – could be life-changing. What do you think?

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