A christmas carol CLEANER ONE

Read any good books lately?

Has a book ever had an impact on you?

I absolutely love “A Christmas Carol” – and for anyone horrified by it, Dickens explained it as “a ghost of an idea.”

For me, this book has had a positive impact for good on so many lives.  It promotes feelings of goodwill, love and affection.  It reminds us of what is important in life. We are captured by the characters and do not mind at all if we are served up moral lessons in the mix.

Whatsoever is good, whatsoever is lovely …. we are invited to think of these things.  Frankly, this book carries the feel good factor.

Mind, it isn’t a long book, and if you look at the vocabulary in it, it isn’t a children’s reader either – which brings me to a brief point:

Don’t assume you have to aim for a full blown novel and don’t assume that story books are for children.

Commercially, it is very difficult to sell short stories but I don’t think stories should have to be a prescribed length (especially in e-book form!)  I don’t want my writing to be tied to “How long is it?” The only criteria I want to meet is, “Will it have impact?”

Jesus told parables.  How short could they get? The impact was incredible!

“Voice Tales” is full of short stories.  I hope they are thought-provoking, emotion stirring, discussion starting, enlightening pieces that lead to Bible Study, ministry and prayer.  I am not worrying over trying to double the word count!

I hope they have an impact, wherever you choose to read them.


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