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Rachels child ecover

You see them in libraries sometimes.  People all go away with the same book, then come together to share about it.  It is a kind of home-group for readers.

I would like to see this idea in action in churches.  I feel that “Leah” and “Rachel’s Child” have a lot of depth and would provide plenty to talk about over buns and coffee.  You could invite friends to join in.  These books could lead easily into the sharing of opinions, hurts, situations, prayer – and coffee just facilitates a relaxed atmosphere for chat.

How about getting together to read a play and see what is there?  Don’t dismiss the play just because it is not in novel form. A reading will still stimulate ideas and discussion for a creative house-group.  You never know – you might uncover some surprising talent along the way. You might not be singing the songs, but the lyrics still carry their own messages. You could find yourself led to Bible verses or starting to raise questions. You might even find yourself imagining people in the parts.

Book club! A great night in!

Go to for a free Book Club resource based on the book of Leah.

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