Free Indeed!

Bound, chained, brought low, we trembled for what was to come.

We knew it all. In our hearts we had already condemned ourselves – our deeds, our thoughts. Now we would pay.

The Law of Sin and Death was seated at the table, pouring over several scrolls. Life was in his hands – and he chose to take it. Raising his hand slowly, the stamp fell with a thud; ink upon parchment, to the despair of the convicted. It fell like the toll of the final bell: condemned ….. condemned …… condemned…..

This was the judgement.

This was the law.

This was not compassion.

The deeds deserved death. We were powerless against such a force. It was a hopeless situation – unless a miracle……

White robed, He entered, surveyed the scene and stood.

“They are mine!” he said.

He spoke – and our world changed. He spoke – and our hearts leapt. He spoke – and our souls sang.

Embarrassed, apologetic, bowing low, the judge moved from his seat as if caught in guilt itself. His replacement – a peaceful, considerate, gentle being removed the stamp and replaced it with one of his own. The Law of the Spirit re-assembled the parchments and in front of our eyes began again: No condemnation….. no condemnation …. no condemnation….

Attaching an extra sheet of parchment to each scroll, he stamped the plain pages alike: No condemnation.

“For the future,” he breathed. Even the future was forgiven!

Scrolls were rolled. Red wax dripped; One final stamp for the seal.

“Sealed by the blood!”

The convicted, not condemned heard the voice of their Saviour – the Son, the Righteous Sacrificed.

“Loose the cords! Break the shackles! They shall live …..”

Free indeed!


Romans 8


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