The Pain of Criticism

 “Nag! Nag! Nag! That’s all you do! Leave me alone!”

Did you know that one proverb likens a nagging wife to a dripping tap?

Criticism! No-one likes it. Constructive criticism is positive of course. It gives you direction. It steers you away from mistakes and towards improvement.

Self-criticism is deadly. How you think about yourself affects everything you do and is far too wide a topic for this blog.

Criticism from others is a huge problem that requires its own mental fight. We are told in James that we can light a forest with a match; so much damage can occur as a result of one moment.

You would think that people wouldn’t stay around to be shouted at, or stay close to someone who clearly does not like them – but these pictures are still rather obvious. It is clear that something is wrong.

What if the words come subtly but constantly – like a dripping tap? Drip, drip, drip…

What if they are quietly spoken?

What if they are like the wallpaper on the wall and you simply live in their atmosphere?

This can be seen in the book, Leah. As you read you will experience the power of words. You will understand her mental fight. You will be able to spot the drips.

What counselling would you give to Leah?

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