Abseiling Spider

From the ceiling to the floor

What a complete feat of strength!

Imagine beige walls, beige ceiling – and suspended from an invisible rope….a dot – a dot that moves in the wind of your breath.

That was the spider. A tiny beast, hanging on, abseiling from the ceiling to the floor. Tiny!

He knew the game was up! My breath was the message. Having completed four fifths of his journey to the ground, he changed its mind and started on the long haul back up the rope. He turned round even though he faced a long, seriously uphill climb. He returned home to think again and maybe come up with another path for another time.

He went back to the start.

I watched him go all the way to the ceiling. A dot. A blip on the beige became a dot on the ceiling. Who would know that he wasn’t just a crack in the paint?

What wisdom! He journeyed so far down his path and so close to the destination of his choosing but was able to recognise the peril he was in and turn back. He had put a lot of effort into having a go – but even more effort into going back to the start. Instinct had given him a knowing:

  • knowing the time
  • knowing the season
  • knowing when to make a move and when to hold back
  • knowing it was possible to go home

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