The Launch

I joined a gym – not any old gym but a brand new one – so new I had to wait for it to open.

Opening Day was announced: One o’ clock on Tuesday.

I felt excited.  I wasn’t just going to go to the gym – I was going to go to the launch!I set off early to make sure I was outside the doors in time. What did I expect?

  • A celebration?
  • Banners?
  • Cut the ribbon?
  • A little ceremony?

What did I get? The doors opened. Now I could go in.

Of course, everything was new and all things were now available for me to use – but no ceremony.  This launch was not big. The only difference was – the doors that were closed suddenly opened. How many people went through? Twelve.

I felt a tinge of disappointment. I wanted more.


I had just been given entrance to a large room of brand new equipment, many helpers and a change of lifestyle. My only problem was that it had happened quietly.

I was missing the point.

The doors that had been closed were now opened!

Have you had that feeling that you were ‘bashing your head against a brick wall’ – that you were trying and trying but the doors were closed?

  • Suddenly!
  • In a moment!
  • At an appointed time!


Now everything had changed.  Things that were not possible before became possible.  I had access – not to one bike but to every piece of equipment in there. The possibilities were huge.

Wouldn’t you like to see a door open in your life? You have felt what it is like for the door to be closed. Now, in a moment, there is a different feel – a resistance that has stopped, an invitation to move in – the bars, bolts and hurdles removed.

  • Space
  • Freedom
  • Encouragement
  • Joy

Your launch does not need to be big.  You don’t need to gather the crowd. You don’t need to be disappointed if you feel like others didn’t get it; others showed no interest and didn’t turn up. The change is in you. Something has shifted and you know it. Hold your own party for one!

This gym will be a huge success. Many will go there but I can say I was there at the start, at the launch…. at the day the doors opened.

How many were outside, waiting?


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