The ‘Happening’ Place

Fly together

All I did was sit in my car, ready to drive out of the car park – but I had a good view of roofs.

Terraced houses were before me – roof after roof after roof. “That’s nothing special,” I hear you say. No. It is down to earth ordinary! However, what held my attention was the birds. You see, I had three roofs in view. On one, no birds were sitting, on another some birds were sitting, on the third many birds were seated. There was no doubt that any old roof would not do. Although I couldn’t see it, one particular roof had that something extra that gathered the birds.

They all looked perfectly settled there, then in a moment they all went into flight together. A flock of birds making quite a sight in the sky with their formation flying, and a sight on the building as the silhouette of the many passed by.

A gathering in a specific place: a being together, flying together, moving together and making an impact on the skyline together.

Remind you of anywhere?

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