Old but not Out!

Being in the 50+ Club, and starting off a blog, site, training, Creative stuff online…

I had to let you see this blog from Sarah. Getting older does not mean standing aside and putting down your calling. It does not mean reaching for your slippers rather than reaching for your purpose.

Your value and worth is extensive in God. If you feel undervalued or set aside by others, you need to value yourself and understand that God values you.

Do you have ideas, ambition, calling?

You do not know the time-frame for events, but belief does not rely on that knowledge, nor can you give in and say, “That’s impossible now” God does the impossible!

Feeling old?

Turn it into a positive: feeling wise, feeling mature, feeling ready for a new season, feeling like something else is on the horizon.

It is still ok to dream, to imagine, to plan, to aspire.

Anyway – here’s Sarah’s blog…….

In our society, age is not really as valued as much as youth.  Older people , whether they like it or not, are often encouraged to step back to leave room for the younger people to flourish.

But in God, there is not a stepping back but a stepping forward for everyone, no matter how old or young they are.  Every day is a new day with fresh opportunities to love and serve.

It is poignant that throughout the Bible God chooses younger people and older people for new opportunities. People like the disciples, young people, Moses aged 80 and the middle-aged like Elisha.

People of all ages for new opportunities.

Sometimes, as people get older and things haven’t turned out as they thought and the promise seems slow in coming, and everyone else seems to easily step into their new day, disappointment, hurt and rejection steps in to rob them of their joy and peace.

They can feel forgotten.

But they are not forgotten by God. Caleb was 45 when he went into the promised land to explore it (middle-aged when he did this,) but he was 80 when he actually received the inheritance of the land. It would have been understandable for him to think the new day with its new promises was not coming, but he held out in faith

And it happened.

God never fails to come through on His promises, however long it takes.

The new day is coming. Hold on!

Sarah Davey

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