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This book has become a#1 Bestseller in USA, France and Canada. That’s a lot of sales and a lot of enthusiasm (and surely, some excellent marketing) so what does it all mean?

It is a thought for the day style book but not aimed at a Christian audience. It is the collection of thoughts from many people in many places and many walks of life, who never met.

Where are people looking if they are not looking towards the church?

This book is an education. There is a booming industry out there; the industry of

  • Self-empowerment
  • Self-development
  • Self-help

and it has a professional face. It has people prepared to professionally shape their message.

What is our response?

This book is an International Best-Seller. That is a lot of people looking for something

  • Looking for help
  • Looking to improve their lives
  • Even acknowledging that a spiritual gap needs filling

People prepared to look, search and think. People who are not afraid of effort and aspire to great things; maybe even aspire to building a business!

These blogs are from many who are saying, “I have an answer for you,” or, ” I think I can help.”

We have a faith and a belief that our God – can definitely help!

How can we reach ‘professionals?’


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