Lost in Leeds

Frustrated driver

It is not unusual for me to be lost!

It is not unusual for me to be lost in Leeds!

Perhaps you know my pain – of driving endlessly to the sound of , “Recalculating!” as once again, I find I am in the wrong lane to carry out the last minute direction given by my patient guide.

I am trying to get to a meeting – one that I am already late for at the outset, after an earlier meeting ran into overtime. The earlier meeting was very successful and I have a few ideas to pick up on to follow up a plan. Nevertheless, I am desperately trying to get onto plan B here.

I finally reach my destination – only to be told that the meeting is not there and is at the other side of Leeds. Once again, I face the frustration of life in the slow lane while every second counts! I battle the “Recalculating” onslaught but still cannot arrive!

Finally, I give up!

Suddenly, my mind is free – and I can think on the planning from the earlier meeting of the day. Thoughts race, ideas form. I have to pull over and park to capture the gems falling thick and fast. By the end of my journey I have a whole scheme of work completed in my head (and I am feeling pretty excited about it.)

The ‘hard work’ of planning is done!

I never reached my destination, but so much was achieved on the journey!

It was worth being lost in Leeds!


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