Hamster Harrier

Ready, steady…

There’s a new race in town – the Sprint Marathon!

Hamster spins that wheel so fast his little legs are a blur. Any hesitation leads to a loop the loop and being hurled through the air backwards.

Does he give in? Does he stand stunned, chest heaving, panting for breath?


Our super-fit species gets back in the race! Again and again he tries. Run – chuck – run – chuck!

Does he feel no pain, or is the urgency to get there overwhelming? With his whole being, he is a runner. Occasionally I have seen him turn, but inevitably, he decides that running in only one direction is the best way.

He is on a mission. The journey may be long but there is no let up. There are no breaks. There are no alternatives. Wherever he is going, he may not get there tonight … but I know for sure that our Hamster Harrier will get back on that wheel and run again tomorrow.


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