Day of History

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I am one of the waiting throng …. anticipating the arrival of the Olympic Flame. Flags fly. Uplifting songs fill the air. Fanfares call for attention.

This is more than sport. This is celebration in the land – at a time of hardship. It is a reminder to aspire. The flame ignites passion. It raises a torch for excellence. It represents striving for the best, honourable pursuit, commitment, hard work, endurance, dedication, focus, passion.

It applauds resilience, celebrates achievement, recognises the long hours of training and affirms that it is ok to be as good as you can be!

Its message to the athletes is “Be excellent! We want to see you achieve. Use that gift to the fullness of your abilities.”

What about your gift? It is ok to be passionate. It is right to want to focus. It is right to fan your flame, encourage yourself, want to improve – even to aim for excellence. It is fine to want to train and develop your skills.

Philippians 3 talks about pressing on, running towards a goal, focusing. This is passion – for a purpose.

What about your anticipation? Are you waiting, watching; getting ready?

The flame came not to the great cities alone, but to the towns and districts; not to the stadiums but to the streets; not to the privileged paying ticket holders, but to the people, to the children, to education of all ages…

Yet some did not care. Some were within feet of the event, choosing to miss it; choosing to display their indifference.

History was on the doorstep; a symbol of significance passed by.

You could choose to be inspired, pick up the torch within, carry your God given passion and vision and run with it inside – or you could choose to close your eyes and let it pass by, extinguish the flame, bury the vision and get on with the ordinariness of life.

Isn’t your passion for a purpose?

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