It’s for you! No…’s for me!

There are times when I have written a sketch intending to put across a message for others – and it has backfired!

Suddenly I find the message is hitting me in the face as if I had never seen the sketch before!

Recently, I have found myself in a painting and decorating class. We were learning about plans and maps – all this vital information in visual form! I managed to pick up this much – that the plan is an incredibly important document! If the plan is wrong, the work that follows will be wrong.

What is the point?

Spend time on the plan!

I started to read Ezekiel 40-43; lots of exact measuring of dimensions; exact, specific were the words coming across. I then found that the sketch “Inspection” was playing in my mind – as if I were the audience.

“No Sir! I want to go, go, go Sir!”

How many of us feel like that when we are assigned to waiting?

This website has not happened quickly. The map has evolved over time. A detailed plan has emerged, just through waiting. The books were written quite a while ago. I have had to wait to get them out there. In the waiting, I have spent time pouring over pictures and building up a library of covers. I could not afford to buy them at the time – forced into waiting, but because of the wait I have now discovered a style of cover.

Waiting is not a negative state – even if it is a frustrating state. Hold on to that thought the next time you find yourself assigned to waiting!


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